More than 80 years of history

"Bodegas Álvaro” is a traditional wine-cellar dating back over 80 years. It originally belonged to another family, albeit in a different form and on a smaller scale. The premises were extended to their present size back in 1957. The Bodega has always been run as a family business, with additional staff from outside. Currently doubling as a retail wine-cellar and restaurant, the Bodega process, bottles and sells wines which are bought in, as of the initial must fermentation stage, from established growers throughout Tenerife. The wines are available also in our restaurant (tapas, lunches, etc...).

We boast an extensive collection of bottled wines from Tenerife, the rest of Spain and other parts of the world. The collection includes many wines which are gifts from visitor and friends. The bottles in the collection are not for sale but are used merely for decorative purposes in the Bodega. Many are of great sentimental value.

The wine-making process is entirely artisanal, using traditional methods. For the most part today, wine-cellars both large and small use modern stainless steel and machinery-based technology to reduce the cost of the process. Here, however, we have remained faithful to wood, both for reasons for tradition and also because chestnut and oak barrels enhance the aroma and flavor of the wines.

The main grape varieties used are Listán Blanco and Listán Negro, and to a lesser degree other varieties characteristic of the island’s wines. Negramoll, Tintilla, Gual, Moscatel, Mavasia (malmsey), etc. Visitors our Bodega will see a mural painted on the wall and illustrating all the different grape varieties.